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Acrydur™ 800 PUMMA hybrid resin as waterproofing system

Acrydur™ 800 PUMMA hybrid resin is a very flexible MMA - PU resin combination that will stay flexible even at low temperature. It combines the flexiblity of PU with the fast curing property of MMA, so its good to use for exterior applications like bridge deck overlays, waterproofing on parkdecks, balkonies and roofs. Typically its applied in 2 layers, polyester fabric can be implemented and its also possible to broadcast with quarzt to achieve a slip tesistant surface. After prep and primer the resin can be hand applied by trowel or we delver also the 808 sprayable version that can be sprayd with a GRACO XP 70 airless pump. Ask us for more details: 

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